About eBiz Solutions

eBiz Solutions, originally established in 1997 in the name of Ordeal Systems & started its training programs in the name of ORITEC in India. Due to technological advancements it was reformed in the name of eBiz Solutions, in the year 2009 and started offering CRM, Business Intelligence solutions, ERP Implementations & introduced Cloud Solutions. Now days eBiz Solutions offers Cloud based solutions & SAAS on cloud, cloud hosting and other cloud based ERP, BI & CRM solutions.

eBiz Solutions founded in 2009, backed by ORITEC since 1997.

eBiz Solutions is a cloud solutions & software services firm focused on helping our clients make an impact on business and drive value through your IT investments. We do this by bringing the depth of domain knowledge, technology expertise, Cloud based software services and client commitment to help deliver on strategic new IT solutions.

We expertise, deliver & commit in delivering complex Strategic IT Projects is the reason why we are a trusted service provider to Fortune 500 companies. It’s a matter of great pride to us that many of these relationships have continued over decades. We focus and serve our clients across the industries in software product & solutions development, cloud hosting or SAAS based products,  BI/BA consulting, enterprise business segments.

In India, we are one of the largest software systems integrator chain with an array of front-end technology deployment services to help clients maximize the effectiveness and productivity of their investments in software.

So, if you are a leader who wants to go deeper in making IT impact on your business, you will find the perfect partner in eBiz Solutions to help you translate your vision to reality.

Unlock Digital Business Potential today

eBiz Solutions is here, to help you lead, in seizing one of the single biggest opportunities of the times - unlocking the potential for your business to flourish, in the digital economy. And we help you do it with the emerging breed of IP based platform, product and technology solutions.


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