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Fradulent Job Offers

The best defense against fraudulent Job offers is you.

Learn more about misleading advertisements and fake job offers through emails.

eBiz Solutions is a purely merit-based employer. We have observed some misleading communication on various portals & emails about eBiz Solutions hiring processes.

Please note that is our official email id, that we use for communicating about the opportunities.

Beware of fraudsters using this email id by spoofing.

eBiz Solutions does not:

    1. Send job offers from free internet email services like Gmail, Rediffmail, Yahoo mail, Hotmail, and so on.


    1. Ask you to deposit any money for giving job offers to Experienced Professionals or Fresh Graduate Trainees.


  1. Appoint any agent/agency/company to advertise about its OFF CAMPUS hiring or conduct any employment interviews or make offers of employment/benefits on its behalf.

View Sample Fake Mails & Email IDs used by Fraudsters

eBiz Solutions will make a formal announcement on the official web site regarding any fresher related Off Campus opportunities or experienced professional hiring.

Considering the feasibility of receiving spoofed mails, candidates are requested to take due care to validate the authenticity of the source of the email.

Please note that any offers/benefits/content/instructions presented in such misleading communication impersonating eBiz Solutions, do not represent those of the company and are contrary to our company policy. If any such entity fraudulently representing eBiz Solutions approaches you, refrain from responding to them. eBiz Solutions will not accept any liability for the actions of candidates on spoofed mails / communication.

We request you to report the matter to concerned authorities at  connect with us

Is your Offer Letter genuine?

We do not share offer letter as a PDF attachment or with all the details in the mail body.

As a preventive measure, eBiz Solution has protected all IT Offer Letters through a Quick Response (QR)code based offer verification tool.

The QR Code allows job seekers / applicants to validate the authenticity of their Offer and Joining Letters.

Before acting on requests to deposit money in any form or any other unfair practices, request you to confirm the content of the email by following either of the 3 simple steps:

    1. Validate offer letter by directly going to
    2. Validate through Mobile QR Code Scanner.
    3. Validate by clicking on the link on the offer letter.

Queries, if any including request for authentication of job offers, may be addressed to or you may also connect with eBiz Solutions Career Service portal

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