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Digital is the wires, but digital intelligence, or artificial intelligence as some people call it, is about much more than that. This next decade is about how you combine those and become a cognitive business. It’s the dawn of a new era."

Zero Distance: How We Innovate

Zero Distance: How We Innovate

Our answer is Zero Distance: a ground-up, grassroots approach to ensure that every developer, project manager, analyst and architect is at “Zero Distance” – to the end user, to the underlying technology and therefore to the value. Whether working side by side with the customer’s customer or thousands of miles away, each of us must close the psychological distance and become personally invested and empowered to find the right problems and even better solutions.

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We started hoping to mine our 8,000+ current client projects for innovation,” said Ravi Kumar., VP & Chief Technology Officer for eBiz  Solutions, a leading tech consulting and IT services firm. “After looking at 4 or 5, we got excited because we’d found numerous ways to improve client outcomes,” he continued. “Also, we realized it would take a decade to review the rest of them.

Zero Distance Perspectives

Our Potential

One of my extraordinary early findings was the lack of initiative, lack of proactivity in the services industry. Not only at eBiz Solutions, but everywhere… So I, along with a few key colleagues, worked with a handful of projects for a few weeks…. And the result was a simple five point pattern that could bring immediate as well as fundamental improvement to any of our projects. Then we rolled this template out to more than 1000 projects and their leadership, and a few weeks later, to all our projects…. This ZD initiative has become something of a movement.