Our Approach


Software Design & Development Process

We mostly use Agile software development method.

eBiz Solutions has established a quality system. Activities covered within this quality system are as follows:

  • User requirement specification (URS)
  • Project Management (including Project & Quality Planning)
  • Progress Monitoring & Reviews
  • Application Testing – unit testing, integration testing, system testing, acceptance testing
  • Implementation, Post-delivery Support & Maintenance (as per the terms of contract)

Web Design Process

Thought-Strategy-Plan-Development-Launch. The key to developing a remarkable website / software customization starts with a well-conceived strategy. eBiz Solutions knows what it takes to build an impressive website and our client’s know their business and customers. Through a collaborative effort, we make it happen.

After the client is briefed about the workings of the organization, a document about the project cost and flow of the project are prepared and forwarded to client.

For the preparation of the storyboard the client forwards an advance of the payment.

  • We begin by crafting our client’s web / software customization strategy by creating a software storyboard or Website Storyboard.
  • Next we develop the graphical theme to embody the essence, branding and quality of our client’s company and their requirement.
  • The next step is to turn the Storyboard or Graphics or both into a live project.
  • Utilizing our expertise and guided by the Storyboard, the project is created.

We create great design