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History eBiz Solutions

eBiz Solutions is a global member company engaged in global R&D network. Established in 1997 in the name of ORITEC abbreviated form of the name Ordeal Information Technology  (ORITEC) Software. It started with software development for Digital document business group. Over the years, it has developed competencies that are critical for creating successful businesses for its customers. Our competencies include software product engineering with specializations in Systems software, Firmware, Web, Mobile and cloud systems. Demonstrated competencies to create market oriented solutions for document and display systems as applied to multiple verticals like Retail, Banking, Education, Hospitality etc.

Located at Electronics City, state of art technology hub of Bangalore, eBiz Solutions is a strategic partner for Leading IT Companies, delivering innovative products to global markets including India. At eBiz Solutions, Bangalore, our employees and partners get ample opportunities to participate in some of the most exciting developments in technology and market. Each one of us play a significant role not only in making things faster, thinner and simpler every day, but also we make our work more rewarding, entertaining and exciting.


eBiz Solutions as technology leader, developing enterprise solutions using various technologies including ERP, CRM, SCM, HCM, BI/BA, Analytical Solutions, Data Science, Digital Experience and Social Collaborations. Our technology research group is continuously evolving with new technology trends with innovative solutions to meet our client needs.

Business Operations for a Digital World

We help design, enable, and execute business operations to generate customer value.


Transforming Social Media Marketing

Accessing weather-driven demand triggers to contextualize competitive campaigns and optimize returns.

Accessing weather-driven demand triggers to contextualize competitive campaigns.

Have you ever noticed the increase in sales of cold beverages on hot summer days? Companies can now analyze weather-driven demand through social media activity to create more relevant marketing strategies.